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New Wrong Number Dating App Text Message Scam


There’s a new scam going around that you need to know about. It seems like a totally harmless text message from someone from a dating app, but it’s actually a clever disguise to steal your money.

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What kind of texts should you look out for?

I first heard about this scam in a few Facebook groups I’m in. Members were sharing a text they got from a wrong number asking if they were someone they spoke to on a dating app (I’ve seen Hinge mostly, but heard other examples of scam texts claiming they matched on Plenty of Fish). Thatsnonsense.com shared a few examples of what to look out for – they match the texts I’ve seen floating around on Facebook:

hi are u Roger? im Manda,,, we matched on Hinge last time I came down to hang with my aunt but we didn’t meet for coffee,, I’m back in town again if ya wanted 2 really go out while I’m here, r u available?



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