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NGL Energy Partners LP Announces Expansion and Extension of Acreage Dedication for Produced Water Transportation and Disposal in the Delaware Basin

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NGL Energy Partners LP (NYSE: NGL) (“NGL” or the “Partnership”) announced today that the Partnership signed a long-term extension and expansion of an acreage dedication with an existing customer. The extension of this agreement is with a leading, investment grade independent producer customer operating in Lea and Eddy Counties, New Mexico within the Delaware Basin. The new agreement increases our acreage dedication by 22,000 acres, increasing the new total dedicated acres with this customer to approximately 122,000 acres, and extends the term through 2027.

“The renewal and extension of this agreement is a huge accolade to the NGL team, as it again demonstrates our ability to continually execute on produced water transportation and disposal needs of our customers in an unrivaled safe, efficient and reliable manner.” stated Christian Holcomb, COO of Water Solutions.

NGL owns and operates the largest integrated network of large diameter produced water pipelines, recycling facilities and disposal wells in the Delaware Basin. The Partnership’s Water Solutions segment operates in a number of the most prolific crude oil and natural gas producing areas including the Delaware Basin in New Mexico and Texas, the Midland Basin in Texas, the DJ Basin in Colorado and the Eagle Ford Basin in Texas.

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About NGL Energy Partners LP

NGL Energy Partners LP, a Delaware limited partnership, is a diversified midstream energy company that transports, stores, markets and provides other logistics services for crude oil, natural gas liquids and other products and transports, treats and disposes of produced water generated as part of the oil and natural gas production process. For further information, visit the Partnership’s website at www.nglenergypartners.com.

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