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NLI members report aggressive scam callers » Scammer News


Northern Lights Inc. has received around two dozen reports in the last week of aggressive scam callers falsely claiming to be Northern Lights.

The scammers demand immediate payment of a delinquent power bill, claiming that service will be disconnected if payment is not received, usually in less than an hour, NLI officials said in a press release.

The scammers may instruct the person being called to buy a prepaid/gift card, then call them back to provide the card information for the supposed payment to NLI. The scammer will ask for the card’s number or receipt number and PIN number, which grants instant access to the card’s funds. Some may request a money wire or money order.

The Federal Trade Commission states that prepaid/gift cards are an easy way for scammers to access their victims’ money. The cards are easily purchased without tying them to any specific identity, as well as making them difficult to trace. It is…

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