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None of the above β€” politics and religion


“Memo from the Middle” is an opinion column written by RGJ columnistΒ Pat Hickey, a member of the Nevada Legislature from 1996 to 2016.

Conventional wisdom suggests there are two subjects never to be discussed around the holiday dinner table: politics and religion. It’s not Turkey Day yet, and I don’t mind occasionally breaking a few eggs to make an op-ed omelette.

Tradition aside β€” the problem for conventional political parties and established religious institutions alike is they are both experiencing a loss of active membership.

Just as voters are increasingly inclined to identify as independents, Americans say they are still spiritual β€” but not necessarily as religious. Apparently, β€œnone of the above” is not just an option in voting booths in Nevada, it’s also becoming the choice for a growing number of worshipers, especially younger ones.

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