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Not your grandma’s rich prince email scam | News


Phishing scams used to be easy to spot — no, there wasn’t some rich prince who wanted to share his fortune with you, if only you could give him your credit card number. These days, email scams have evolved to a point where messages can look like they’re coming from your friends, co-workers, bank or even your own friendly neighbourhood tech department.  

As April’s Cybersecurity Awareness month ends, the University of Calgary’s Information Technologies (IT) team wants to equip you with a few tips to stay cybersecure all year round. Even though online criminals see staff, students and researchers as prime targets for cyberattacks, there are many ways you can protect yourself. 

What is phishing? 

Phishing is an impersonation of a corporation, institution or person with the intent to gain access to personal or financial information…

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