Home Economy October jobs report: America is getting back to work

October jobs report: America is getting back to work

But economists have high hopes that the streak of bad news will end with the October jobs report, which is due Friday morning. That could be some welcome news for President Joe Biden after voters sent a strong message this week about their disappointment in America’s economy.
Analysts polled by Refinitiv expect some 450,000 jobs were added to the economy last month, more than in both September and August. The employment numbers in those months came in well below forecasts, worrying economists about the state of the recovery. But infections from the Delta variant, which were largely to blame for the slow hiring, are fading, giving economists hope that the job market can quickly recover again.

“The easing of the Delta wave will reduce disruptions to schools and encourage businesses to resume hiring,” said Glassdoor Senior Economist Daniel Zhao. “The latest wave has not completely receded, though, so gains are still likely to be muted compared to the…

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