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Office Politics: How True Leaders Win


Bhavani was disgusted. It was our second executive coaching session, and she was telling me about all the political nonsense going on at work.

She decried the rampant gamesmanship she saw on every side – from her boss to her fellow executives to her direct reports. Worse, she told me, the only people who were getting ahead were those who were good at “playing the game.”

In her opinion, the company didn’t reward good work; it revered political whiz kids.

Bhavani’s story wasn’t the first I’d heard about workplace drama. I’m confident it won’t be the last. Wherever humans gather, drama inevitably arises – some virtuous, some innocuous. Some downright shameful.

Unless you’ve chosen a hermit’s life, you inhabit the tapestry of human experience every day. And when all is said and done, the question remains: How will you deal with it?

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