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On geopolitics and Catholic converters


“This is the police. We have you surrounded!”

You’ve likely heard this line in a variety of movies right before the antihero does something foolhardy and gets himself shot.

You know there is no way out. He knows there is no way out.

Why? Because the police have told him he is surrounded.

He can’t go forward, backward, to the left or the right — because he is surrounded.

Even dumb criminals know what it means to be surrounded: There are no gaps; there is no way out but through.

So why would perfectly sane network news people and politicians talk about Ukraine’s being “surrounded by Russian forces on three sides?”

Let’s not quibble here about Ukraine’s being an odd-shaped country that has no real sides.

England is an island in that it is surrounded by water.

Baja California is a peninsula, rather than an island, because there is water to the east, west and…

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