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Op-Ed: Governor Sununu’s budget: cruel and dangerous


The recent state budget and some individual bills agreed to by both the NH Republican House and Senate and signed by Governor Sununu, but opposed by Democratic Representatives, are cruel and dangerous for the welfare of the residents of New Hampshire. 

Even if it was not intentional, that is the consequence of these actions. Also, don’t be fooled! Tax cuts at the state level result in lower revenues for the state to fulfill its obligations, resulting in down-shifting and in higher property taxes at the town level.

Because many of the social issue items included in the budget could not have passed on their own merits, a group of extreme Republicans insisted on including them in the budget. And, Governor Sununu agreed. 


Restricting women’s health choices by banning abortions after 24 weeks, with no exception for rape, incest or fatal fetal damage.

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