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Opinion: World is deeply shaken by America’s retreat

In the early days of Joe Biden’s presidency, many world leaders feared that Biden would simply be a welcome, but temporary, reprieve from former President Donald Trump’s nativist and isolationist politics. When Biden was running for president, he had tried to assuage those concerns by saying on his first day in office he’d reach out to our NATO allies and assure them they could once again count on the US.

Now this fear has been replaced by a new concern — that this is all indeed a ghastly continuum. The fact is America is not back. It is in a rushed retreat, most recently in the one place where Western allies had come together two decades ago.

Let’s start with the NATO alliance. The terrorist attacks of September 11, planned from al Qaeda headquarters in Taliban-run Afghanistan, were the first and only time that Article 5 of the NATO alliance — an attack on one member was an attack on all — had ever been invoked. This led, at its peak, to an

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