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Orinda Honoree + BofA Scam + Fun Fall Hikes!


Happy Monday, Concord! Let’s get this day started off right. Here’s everything happening around town today.

First, today’s weather:

Hot with plenty of sunshine. High: 91 Low: 55.

Here are the top stories in Concord today:

  1. Beware! Your neighbors in Concord are being scammed by someone posing as Bank of America and using Zelle to take their money. Two citizens from Concord (among many victims elsewhere) have fallen prey to this scam. “It’s very confusing and you’re sort of going, ‘This doesn’t quite seem right,’ and at the same time… It’s — just ‘smoke and mirrors’ and they got me,” Trista Beauchamp from Concord said. The scammers pose as B of A and ask people to transfer money with Zelle in order to combat fraud on their account. Bank of America has said it will not ask customers to transfer money between accounts or request sensitive information. (ABC30)
  2. Orinda‘s 2021 Citizen of the Year is Melanie Light, founder of the Orinda…

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