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Other View: How bad is the US economy? Here are a few ways to look at it – Duluth News Tribune


Gas prices, food prices — all kinds of prices — are going up, up, up. New figures released Tuesday show that inflation is running at 8.5% over the last year. The economy must be headed in the wrong direction in every which way — or at least that’s what people seem to be thinking. Perhaps that’s why a recent poll by the Global Strategy Group showed that 37% of Americans thought that the nation had lost jobs in the last year. And only 28% thought jobs had been gained. The reality? In March alone, the country added 431,000 jobs and 6.2 million jobs in the past year, one of the best jobs performances in U.S. history.
Like so many things, measuring the economy is more complicated than just the price at the pump or the pay raise at the workplace.
Even if the job numbers look good, they are cold comfort to a worker watching her raise evaporate in covering the rising rent. The economy doesn’t feel strong to her, whatever the big numbers might…

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