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Pale Moon Project announces change of direction


Pale Moon development will see a course direction in 2022 according to a new post by project owner Moonchild on the official Pale Moon forum. Pale Moon, an open source web browser that started as a fork of the Mozilla Firefox web browser, is based on the Goanna rendering engine and the Unified XUL Platform (UXP).

The decision was based on the results of a November 2021 survey, feedback and other considerations. The survey asked users of the browser to select what they wanted from the Pale Moon project. Options included matching Google Chrome 100%, being a Firefox clone but without the Telemetry and data gathering, a browser that supported classic Firefox extensions, or to focus on what Pale Moon always aimed for. The last two options received 39% and 34% of all votes in the survey.

Other considerations included the following main points:

  • Pale Moon’s extension ecosystem was struggling due to a lack of participation.
  • The user base is relatively small.
  • The…

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