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Pardon my foolish question – Blueprint Newspapers Limited


These are confused and confusing times for our nation. Nothing seems to add up. Our political leaders are torn between what would swell their swollen bank accounts and what would make for a united, peaceful nation in which everyone enjoys the basic human and legal rights guaranteed them by the Nigerian constitution and cynically abused by the same leaders. At times like these, there is almost an obligatory inclination to ask questions, foolish questions even. So, here is one, which admittedly, is not original to me: What do Ndigbo want? 

They are the current prime movers of separatism. I discount Sunday Igboho and his Yoruba nation as mosquitoes buzzing in the ears of the Nigerian state. If Ndigbo want out of Nigeria, they must have good reasons, I think.  In my private conversations with my Igbo friends, I know that the question excites passions, sometimes beyond the pale of reasonableness. 

Local champions lead a plethora of separatist groups,…

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