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Police say a Northglenn mother was scammed out of $14,000


NORTHGLENN, Colo. — A single mother is warning people of a scam that swindled her out of $14,000 in savings she counted on to help care for her daughter, who is battling cancer, in case of an emergency.

In early July, Angelica Ortiz received a voicemail asking to immediately contact an investigation officer. Ortiz told police the caller, Christina Edwards, identified herself as an Internal Revenue Service agent and informed her that her identity was compromised. Edwards allegedly told her they found 21 bank accounts in her name linked to money laundering and transferred her to Christian Davis, an alleged special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Davis told her they found a black pickup truck in Texas with cash, drugs and blood inside. He claimed police were on the way to search her home and that her bank accounts would be frozen between 15-20 years unless she bought gift cards so he could create a new social security…

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