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Predicting the Future of China’s Rise


Former Harvard president Lawrence H. Summers lived up to his billing as a voice of opposition Wednesday evening at a Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) discussion on China’s rise as an economic power and its rivalry with the United States. Timed to the Beijing Olympics, the event was led by political scientist Graham Allison, Dillon professor of government and a former HKS dean, whose 2017 book was titled: Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap? He steered a panel of experts through questions about China’s manufacturing prowess, trade partnerships, poverty alleviation, and technological innovations. “Looking ahead, despite all the uncertainties,” Allison asked, framing the discussion during his introductory remarks, “should we expect China to continue growing at twice or more the rate of the U.S. over the decade ahead?” 

Attempting to answer that question were Summers, Eliot University Professor and a former U.S….

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