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Protect yourself and the elderly from utility scams


Scams on the elderly continue to grow at a rapid pace across America with no relief in sight. 

Financial fraud, romance scams, grandparent scams, IRS scams, and lottery scams are all on the rise.  According to the FBI, seniors are suffering from losses up to $3 billion annually and elder fraud continues to escalate.

One scam making the rounds in the elderly community is the utility scam. Typically, the scam artist strives to create a sense of urgency and schemes to confuse older adults.  Their crafty plan is for seniors to act on fear before thinking through situations. 

How the utility scam works

Let’s imagine, it is in the middle of dreadful weather conditions and you receive a call or a house visit from a fraudster claiming your electricity or gas will be cut off if you don’t pay immediately.  Knowing the brutal weather conditions and how hectic your schedule is at the moment, it is likely that you might not be thinking…

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