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QR codes are ubiquitous, but their role in scams means you should approach with caution


By now, most internet users know the usual scams to look out for:

Phishing emails trying to steal your account logins, misspelled URLs attempting to access your bank accounts, fake online storefronts charging you for products they never intend to send. Well, it’s time to be on the lookout for yet another growing scam: fake QR codes.

What’s a QR code? You’ve likely seen them as their use has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Many restaurants have started using QR codes to replace physical, germ-spreading menus. QR codes are those little square barcodes that take you directly to a website or app when you scan them with your smartphone camera.

QR codes seem like they were made to deter phishing. There’s no need to type in a link and accidentally misspell it, which could result in the user being sent to a scam website meant to mimic the actual legitimate site they meant to visit. Just scan the QR code and you’ll go right to the real website you intended to go…

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