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Ready to start flipping houses? | Think Realty


Here’s what you need to know.

Let’s talk frankly at the outset—flipping houses is a huge undertaking. It will require hard work and determination. It will also be one of the most (potentially) lucrative business ventures you’ve undertaken.

Success in real estate, as with all success, isn’t guaranteed. But with the right approach and a few insider secrets, you’ll be ready to build the financial security you’ve dreamed of. In this article we share the lessons we’ve learned at InstaLend—one of the country’s fastest growing private lenders—to help you get started.

What Is House Flipping?

“House flipping” is a general term. It’s not any single exit strategy, but rather it’s a means to an end: the investor simply connects the original seller with an end buyer. The “flip” refers to the home changing…

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