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Real estate agent appreciates mentors


Sep. 26—In Beckley’s real estate sector, Carol Pugh is known for her dedication to clients and for her knowledge and expertise.

Pugh is the broker at Sigmund-McLean & Associates on Prince Street. In 2010, she and Realtor Don Martin completed a five-year buy-in plan and became co-owners of the agency.

Many in Beckley live in properties that Pugh has listed, sold, helped to develop and, in some cases, re-listed and sold again.

“I have so many stories, houses that I have sold two or three times, families that I have met along the way,” Pugh said. “There’s been a lot of property.”

In the late 1970s, Pugh was the mother of two young children. She enrolled in a real estate course at Beckley College taught by local estate agent Jim Lilly.

“It was just something I did,” she said. “I knew that I liked real estate, and it was a course I took, never thinking I would actually get a real estate license.”

But in the summer of 1989, her children — by then, she had…

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