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Real Estate Market Continues to Run Hot


The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently noted that the residential real estate market is worth approximately $8 trillion.

The real estate market, like most of the economy, is seeing a digital revolution. The information available to vendors and buyers has increased in quantity and fallen in price.

The absolute number of online data curators has continued to grow, as property prices have surged from the blip that was the global financial crisis. The latest such vendor is Residz.

Ian Haynes, founder and CEO at Residz, is a veteran of geospatial data applications. Haynes told Which-50.com that his goal is “To offer the Australian property market, a cost effective data portal that removes the barriers between category silos.”

“Buyers want want to see a property’s complete ownership proposition. We want to show everything that characterises a property, be that local school rating, bush fire susceptibility, subsidence risk, crime, traffic, and…

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