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Real Trance Family says ‘it’s been an amazing five years’ as Facebook page continues to grow


West Belfast’s Lynas family, who are better known to Facebook and Instagram users as the Real Trance Family, have spoken about what the last six years of social media fame have been like.

The family first went viral back in 2016, when James Lynas began sharing videos of himself, his wife and his kids reacting to trance anthems in everyday situations.

Their videos earned them millions of views in the years that followed, and even saw them team up with Dutch trance legend Armand Van Buuren, who hitched a ride with them while he was in Belfast.

For those who don’t know the full story of how the Real Trance Family came to be, James said it started with himself and his brother messing around with Facebook pages a few years ago.

“It was me and my brother who first set it up,” James said.

“Himself and a few of his friends used to set up Facebook pages, just banter pages, but they were really popular. So it gave me the idea.

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