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Realtor reveals recent real estate numbers | Business


Our local real estate market typically cools off going into fall — much more than our weather. And while we are seeing some numbers starting to change slightly like autumn leaves, there is no strong indication that we will see a significant drop anytime soon.

The average number of days a listing spent on the market in Maricopa County increased again slightly, from 26.05 days in July to 27.2 days in August. 

According to The Cromford Report, 53% of sales closed in Maricopa County during August sold for over the listing price, down from 57% of July sales. One could argue that rising list prices account for more sales selling at and not over those prices, but a slight drop in sales price per square foot — from $260.60 per square foot in July versus $258.61 in August — makes a slightly different point. 

August saw 416 MLS…

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