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Red flags that ‘surveys’ from Pfizer, Costco, others are scams


Some days, you’d really love to tell a company just how you feel about their shoddy products, poor customer service and outrageously long delivery times. 

If they throw in a freebie when you respond to their survey, well, all the better.

But put that righteous anger on pause. It’s once again time to beware of the scammers.

I heard about a scam the other day when a family member ended up responding to an emailed survey. The company wanted him to tell them about his experience. 

For his time, he was offered a list of free products and he then selected a $49.95 headlamp on a headband, the kind you can use for camping or doing odd jobs around the house. All he had to do was pay $6.95 for shipping costs. 

How ‘free’ can cost you $49.95 

The problem? He paid the shipping charge — and then got hit a few days later with a $49.95 charge for that “free” item. Fortunately, this consumer checks his bank account online every morning and…

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