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Residents Be Wary of Scammers | Lifestyles


When you open a Priority Mail envelope and you see that someone has sent you an unsolicited check for $500, $1000 or more, what do you do? If you’re smart, you’re very suspicious, especially if it is from someone or an organization with which you have no affiliation.

Captain Richard Stoltenborg, of the Marco Island Police Department, hopes that you’ll give the MIPD a call to ensure you won’t be sorry, even though you think it looks official. Last week, the Coastal Breeze News received a call from an individual who wanted us to be aware of a possible scam circulating. We obtained the piece of suspicious correspondence from the resident and immediately met with MIPD to make them aware of the possible scam.

In this particular case, the correspondence came via a Priority Mail envelope which made the…

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