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Residents warned of scam spoofing police phone number


Police Chief Julie Flaherty is warning residents about a telephone scam in which a caller spoofed the police department’s phone number.

A resident reported Thursday, Sept. 9, that a person had called and claimed that he was an officer from the Arlington Police Department. The caller told the resident that there was an ongoing investigation regarding false accounts opened with the resident’s Social Security number. He demanded $8,000 in restitution from the resident or stated that an arrest warrant would be filed.

During this incident, the scammer spoofed the department’s business line, 781-643-1212. Defined by the Federal Communications Commission, spoofing occurs when a caller deliberately falsifies caller-ID information to disguise their identity. Scammers often spoof local numbers or numbers from a company or agency people already know and trust.

2 different numbers

The resident received two additional calls from different…

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