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ResTech News: On-Premise Digitization Is a Priority


Today in restaurant and grocery tech news: Shake Shack and Applebee’s benefit from enhanced in-restaurant technologies, while conversely, The Cheesecake Factory is building out its off-premise business. Plus, Noodles & Company CMO Stacey Pool tells PYMNTS how the brand is using data analytics to turn digital newcomers into loyal customers.

Restaurants’ Financial Results Reveal In-Store Technologies Separate Top Performers From the Rest

With consumers having returned to restaurants for in-store ordering and/or on-premises dining, brands seeing the greatest success are those that have invested in on-site restaurant technologies, bringing the digital shift into their stores. Consumers, having grown accustomed to eCommerce speed and convenience, are increasingly coming to expect these digital integrations.

Restaurant Roundup: The Cheesecake Factory Goes Omnichannel; Wingstop Shifts Away From On-Premise

The Cheesecake Factory discusses the importance…

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