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Rich Warren | Hearing back from readers | Science-technology


Charles Dickens often serialized his novels in magazines, sometimes supplying different endings each month. Did Pip ever win over Estella?

Readers who email with various problems often leave us in suspense. Did they fall in love with their internet service provider, or were they jilted? Were they able to repair their beloved electronics and keep the romance alive?

  • Here’s one happy ending. It involves the Urbana reader with ISP and cable problems.

“On June 28, I3 Broadband connected me. No problems doing that. Good-quality internet service. Consistent; no spinning wheels.

“Using my router, I am charged $49.99 per month for 200 mbps of data. No tax or other charges added if you use your own router.

“Now the ‘good’ part: A week later, I had no internet. I phoned I3 and spoke with a tech who checked the system from their…

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