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Richmond Children’s Business Fair is Sunday


RICHMOND, Va. — They may be some of the smallest business owners on the block, but they have big ideas and they are ready to put their work on display.

This weekend, dozens of Richmond students hope to wow customers and rake in the dough at the 5th Annual Richmond Children’s Business Fair.

The event will feature 68 “kidpreneurs” who will be selling their products. From t shirts, jewelry and cosmetics to artwork and books.

The Youth Business Exchange and Metropolitan Business League are hosting the big event Sunday at the Science Museum of Virginia.

Elijah Lee, who started the nonprofit Hear Our Voices will be among them. His business is dedicated to the empowerment of young people. He explains what he has gained by participating in the Richmond Children’s Business Fair.

“I got a chance to learn so much,” Lee said. “Not only about selling and communicating with the customers, but I got to learn a lot about the businesses themselves and how there are so…

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