Home World News Road 96 review — A game that tests your border politics

Road 96 review — A game that tests your border politics


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The adventure game Road 96 debuts today as a test of your border politics. It also shows how well a narrative story blends with a procedural game that can go on and on like the roads cutting through the landscape of this experience.

The title from Montpellier, France-based DigixArt is a blend of Route 66 style imagery, the political atmosphere of Donald Trump’s anti-terrorist and anti-immigrant agenda, and the personal travails of any runaway teen who makes a run for the border.

It’s is available today on multiple stores for $20 on the PC — on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store — and the Nintendo Switch. I played it on Steam.

Yoan Fanise, the cofounder of DigixArt and co-creator of games such as Valiant Hearts and 11-11 Memories Retold, said in an earlier email to GamesBeat that Road 96 is an evolving story-driven adventure inspired by filmmakers…

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