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Rockland police warn of phone scams


The Rockland Police Department has taken several reports recently of citizens falling victim to scams perpetrated over the phone and internet. According to FBI statistics, Americans loss over $1 billion dollars to these types of frauds in 2020 alone.

One of the recent incidents involved a suspect ordering goods from a Rockland business over the phone using a stolen credit card. Luckily, after the first transaction the business had the wherewithal to notice what was being requested did not seem legit and took the extra step of contacting the credit card company, who was able to quickly confirm the transaction was in fact fraud.

A second incident involved a suspect impersonating an Amazon customer service agent. The suspect contacted the citizen about a reported “fraudulent purchase”. During this incident, the suspect requested payment over the phone, in the form of gift cards.

Police say remember and follow these simple tips to help…

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