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Sacramento County man believes he’s a victim


KCRA 3’s viewers who believe they have been a victim of disability fraud are reaching out for help.”Why would EDD contact me?” Pete Cameron rhetorically asked KCRA 3 Investigates.Cameron showed our team letters that were mailed to him regarding disability insurance.”Inside I’ve got a couple of examples here where it appears that I’ve applied for disability insurance but I list myself as the employer,” Cameron said. The letters are from California’s Employment Development Department.”I’ve gotten the first letter then turn around three days later and got a letter that’s exactly the same and the only difference is in the case numbers, the last two digits in the case numbers are different,” Cameron said.Cameron confirmed to KCRA 3 Investigates that he is not disabled, not unemployed, and he hasn’t filed a disability claim. The Sacramento County man believes he’s the latest victim of a new wave of fraud attempts.A news release sent…

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