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Santa Clara mayor’s real estate holdings worth millions


Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor might represent a smaller Bay Area city, but there’s nothing small about her business empire.

Gillmor, who is up for reelection in 2022, controls a sprawling real estate portfolio that includes strip malls in Santa Clara, swaths of undeveloped land near Gilroy and a small plot in San Bernardino County. Her property management company oversees lease agreements for surplus land in Bay Area school districts and manages a rental property for teachers.

It’s not unprecedented for Bay Area lawmakers to be wealthy or have real estate holdings. Political consultant Rich Robinson noted former San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery had tremendous real estate holdings in downtown San Jose during his tenure. But it is uncommon. In a comparatively smaller city such as Santa Clara, with a population of 127,647, Gillmor’s wealth and unusually large real estate portfolio make her a powerful figure. At times her governing decisions appear to…

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