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Scam emails, texts to watch out for » Scammer News

CHICAGO (WLS) — While the federal tax deadline was extended to May 17, it’s still the season for tax scams.

In the Money Fix, The I-Team is finding that well-executed emails and texts can easily trick people into falling prey.

A local security firm shared real-looking examples of deceitful tax messages with the I-Team. They reveal just how sophisticated fraudsters are when trying to trick people at tax time.

We’re all eager to get our tax refunds and crooks count on those emotions to get you to turn over your personal information, your W2 forms, or your banking information.

Fake links coming from spoofed emails can reel you in by telling you your refund is ready and they can get you to download malware embedded in malicious links.

“They come to lure the victims to think that the email and website are run by the IRS so people will be willing to either provide their personal information or click the links and open…

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