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Scammers posing as law enforcement in solicitation calls


The Union County Sheriff’s Office is warning local residents of a new scam wherein fraudsters are posing as law enforcement officers to try to trick targets into sending them money.

“The one example we know of is pretty intense,” said UCSO Chief Investigator Capt. Jeff Stinson. “That made us concerned enough that we said ‘yeah, we should probably get the word out about it.’”

Stinson said a local man reported receiving a call that appeared to be from a police lieutenant. The man’s caller ID showed the officer’s number and the caller identified themselves as such before demanding money, saying that the victim was wanted by police.

Luckily, Stinson said, the target didn’t fall for the scam, and instead hung up on the scammer. When he called the number that had appeared on his caller ID back, it took him to the real officer.

“There’s a lot of people out there that are pretty savvy when it comes to recognizing…

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