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Scams number one online crime


Scams are the leading online crime when it comes to fraud attacks, according to new research from Group-IB.

The global threat hunting and adversary-centric cyber intelligence company released an analysis of fraud schemes on a global scale.

According to the analysis, fraud accounts for 73% of all online attacks, 56% of which are scams, and 17% are phishing attacks. 

The Asia Pacific region was found to have the highest increase in the number of detected scam and phishing-related violations last year.

By using Digital Risk Protection technologies, Group-IB detected over 70 scam groups using only one of the fraudulent schemes, Classiscam. In less than a year, Classiscam threat actors alone took $9,140,000 from users.

During the Digital Risk Summit 2021 online conference, which was divided into analytical and technology-related streams, Group-IB presented its research findings of various fraudulent schemes and the analysis of…

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