Home Markets Sectors to watch as inflation fears spook U.S. markets

Sectors to watch as inflation fears spook U.S. markets



Goldman Sachs Says These 3 Stocks Could Surge Over 70%

Are we at the start of a boom or a bust? That’s the question on investors’ minds these days, as the world gets back on its feet following the COVID crisis. The recent April jobs report, with its mix of good and bad news, puts the question into sharp relief. First, the good news. April saw 266,000 new jobs created. On the negative side, economists had predicted as many as 1 million. The expectation has been that this economic recovery will be heavily front-loaded regarding job recreation – the theory is, the jobs are there; they are just waiting for workers to go back to them. That’s not quite happening. Looking at the situation for Goldman Sachs, chief economist Jan Hatzius notes of the jobs numbers that “…reopening effects likely overlapped with normal seasonal hiring patterns, resulting in less-impressive job gains on a seasonally-adjusted basis. Second, labor supply appears to…

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