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Small business retailers gearing up for holiday sales


LIMA — This could be a make-or-break holiday season for small business retailers.

Many had to shut down during the pandemic and those that did reopen are faced with a shortage of employees and potential problems in getting products to sell due to a global supply chain shortage.

“The retail market changed a lot when people had to stay home and were maybe ordering more things online,” said Jon Husted, Ohio’s Lieutenant Governor. “I think it’s a good reminder that you want good robust competition in retail and you want those stores to be available in your own community and so that’s why we’ve got to go shop there and eat lunch there or go to dinner there and make sure that we’re supporting our local businesses because local businesses turn all that money around back in your own community. When you’re buying local all of it gets circulated in your community and that’s why small businesses are so important.”

Many retailers have…

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