Home World News Some Ohio politicians working to create ‘color-coded’ barriers

Some Ohio politicians working to create ‘color-coded’ barriers


Two of the most important things we can teach our children is to be honest and to treat everyone fairly.

That’s what children are supposed to learn in school – whether through the life lessons on the playground, or by studying history in the classroom.

Ohio has offered hope and opportunity for people across race and place, but despite our best efforts to join together, a handful of rich and powerful people have been pitting Ohio’s Black, brown and white communities against each other.

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Many Ohioans came together to help enslaved Black people find their way to freedom along the Underground Railroad.

But they still lived in fear of being caught by slave patrols after Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Act. Former slaves and their families fleeing the South after the Civil War chose Ohio, hoping they could be safe here and thrive. They found freedom…

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