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Star comment: Fraud continues despite pandemic


The number of victims has risen inexorably during the pandemic as nefarious individuals find new ways to scam innocent victims.

We are becoming a nation weighed down by both casual and organised criminality as gangs find ever-more pernicious ways to prey on the vulnerable.

Many millions are being lost to criminals through bogus mail scams and now through non-existent investment opportunities. People on dating websites are the latest to be targeted. While they try to put their best foot forward and present themselves as open, companiable and trusting, those on the other end of the screen are in fact plotting to take their savings.

It is yet another example of fraud on the internet. It shows how vulnerable we can be and also how powerless it appears online platforms and the authorities to deal with it. It appears this type of fraud has exploded during the pandemic, but there does not appear to be a rush of action to tackle it. Rather…

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