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Staying safe on Black Friday


As every other year, a helping of the traditional Thanksgiving feast is often consumed before members of the public head out to shop for Black Friday. With leftovers available, this may also be the case for Cyber Monday.

In order to ensure a safe shopping experience, the Laredo Police Department issued out tips on how to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved. They also caution shoppers, as the Black Friday frenzy also brings out thieves.

“Thieves like to window shop and will be intent on burglarizing vehicles that may have been left unlocked or simply have phones, iPads, gifts and other valuables in plain view,” they write. “Locking your car, taking your keys and hiding your belongings can greatly reduce both auto burglaries and thefts.”

With the change in hours over the years, Black Friday deals have been spread out throughout the week of Thanksgiving, thus perhaps saving…

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