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Steam’s latest update improves the management of downloads


Valve released a new beta update for its Steam gaming client this week that improves the management of downloads significantly. While in beta currently, it usually takes a couple of weeks before beta features land in stable versions of Steam.

Game and content downloads have always been a thorn in the side of many Steam users. The interface was clunky, lacked information, and not a pleasure to work with at all.

Steam’s new downloads page addresses many of these criticisms. It features a redesigned downloads interface that has a nicer look with a new color palette and game art displayed right on the page; this way, you get a visual reminder of what is currently being downloaded by the client without having to look at the download queue.

The new game download progress bar displays the total progress in the new client version and not just the downloading content progress. Steam did not highlight the disk allocation process in the previous version, and…

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