Home Business Suspected scam targeting Las Vegas Chinese restaurants

Suspected scam targeting Las Vegas Chinese restaurants


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A suspected scam targeting restaurants in Chinatown. Messages with demands for payment and threats of lawsuits! A warning is being sent to restaurant owners to stay vigilant and not fall to this suspected scam.

Angry messages sent to one valley Chinese restaurant owner demanding payment on the Chinese social media platform WeChat. But the owner believes the demand may be an actual scam!

This is how it goes down: The person orders take out or delivery and then claims to “find” a piece of a metal scrubber in their food saying it injured their child. Pictures are sent along with demands the restaurant pay for medical expenses or else. The owner says she was shocked when she got this message last month.

“With business hard to come by right now, we’re afraid. We’re afraid they will spread the word and say my restaurant did this and that.”

Jun Ren owns a restaurant in Chinatown. She wants it un-named as she’s afraid the…

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