Home Tech Tarbull MusicMate 550 review: The desi (preloaded) playlist 

Tarbull MusicMate 550 review: The desi (preloaded) playlist 


A few years ago there was a brand that sold headphones which could be reloaded with music at their kiosks in airports. The brand, Xone headphones, was quite popular, especially down south. But those were the days before 4G and streaming, much before products like this lost relevance.

Tarbull’s Musicmate 550 tries to do something similar by offering a neckband earphone which is preloaded with a thousand Hindi songs. The Musicmate 550 has a neckband design that is slightly old fashioned as it has largish pods on both sides to accommodate the battery and storage. The controls are on the right — power button also lets you change folders.

The controls can be a bit confusing. Long press powers on the earphones and a small press of the same button lets you skip from one genre to the other — soulful music to romantic and so on. Double tap let’s you go from bass booster to balance mode. The + and – signs let you move from one song to the other.


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