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Tech cuts employees some slack in hybrid workplace


Better than email

Yet despite the risks, reports of email’s imminent death are (for now) greatly exaggerated. What it will do is evolve and Arrarte believes what we are more likely to notice is email becoming like traditional mail.

“It exists, it has its uses, but there are other, better ways to work,” he says.

These better ways to work were highlighted in a recent survey of CIOs and users commissioned by Slack and undertaken by Wakefield Research. The survey, examining how companies retooled during the pandemic, found 80 per cent of Australian organisations surveyed are using collaboration tools like Slack as they navigate the new world of work.

This number represents a huge spike from around 45 per cent before the pandemic.

Why are they using technology such as Slack? Put simply: 75 per cent of local companies believe collaboration tools will help their employees work better together moving forward.

Furthermore, Australian Slack users estimate…

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