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Tech News | HBO Max Slated to Release 10 Warner Bros. Titles Straight-to-streaming


Washington [US], July 25 (ANI): After deciding to release its full slate of 2021 Warner Bros. films on HBO Max under a hybrid streaming and theatrical model, it seems WarnerMedia is prepared to continue using its Warner Bros. assets for luring subscribers to the service in 2022.

According to The Verge, during AT&T’s second-quarter earnings call this week, the company’s executives were asked about how the pandemic release model would shape a more permanent release strategy going forward, particularly as it relates to theaters.

Citing the theatrical success of ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ to the tune of USD 463 million in revenue, WarnerMedia chief Jason Kilar responded that while “the motion picture format absolutely matters,” the company also feels “very good about the response that consumers have given it in the home.”

He went on to say that Warner Bros. will be producing 10 films that will debut on HBO Max the same day they’re released….

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