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The Chequered Career Of Raj Kundra


While his tryst with controversies is not new, the news of businessman Raj Kundra’s arrest over his alleged involvement in a case related to pornographic content has managed to shocked many. Married to actor Shilpa Shetty, Kundra was questioned for hours before he was arrested by the Mumbai Police on July 19.

The Mumbai Police said they have substantial evidence to prove that Kundra was running operations for a London-based firm that created pornographic films and published them through apps. The firm — Kenrin Limited — was floated by his brother-in-law Pradeep Bakshi.

The police said the porn videos were shot at Kundra’s office and transferred to Kenrin via WeTransfer. Thereafter, they were uploaded on an app called Hotshots. Kundra initially earned earn Rs 2-3 lakh daily, which later went up to Rs 6-8 lakh, through this pornographic operation, added the police.

The issue came to the fore after struggling actors, who were asked to…

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