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The cost of eroding digital trust in MEA brands and ways to address it


An AMEinfo exclusive

One-third of Middle East and Africa (MEA) consumers blame banks, retailers, social media companies, and telcos for the current scamdemic, according to new research from Callsign.

Among what the research revealed is that nearly half of MEA consumers don’t trust organizations to keep their data safe, and 49% of scam victims want to know how fraudsters got their details.

In an exclusive interview with AMEinfo, Saeed Ahmad, Managing Director, Middle East, and North Africa, Callsign answered our queries around this subject. We asked:

1- What is the state of scams in the GCC region?

Trust in organizations is eroding fast because consumers are drowning in scam messages from fraudsters spoofing brand names daily. Our research revealed that just receiving a scam message purporting to be from any brand is enough for 49.8% of GCC consumers to lose trust in the organization regardless of any real association with the message.

The problem…

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