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The dangerous legacy of Axact: how a ‘diploma mill’ in Pakistan led to a trademark scam epidemic

  • Pakistan IT companies Abtach and Digitonics Labs allegedly conducted fraud
  • Included impersonating USPTO and overcharging for trademark services
  • Expert claims such fraud prevalent in Pakistan is due to a precedent set by notorious ‘diploma mill’ Axact

Following a year marked by fraud targeting brand owners, an expert on Pakistan matters tells WTR how a notorious IT firm called Axact, which ceased operations following a high profile criminal investigation, directly led to ongoing scam operations. Further research finds dozens of high-ranking employees at the IT companies Abtach and Digitonics Labs, both of which have been accused of operating fraudulent trademark agencies, previously worked for Axact.

Since February 2021, WTR has reported on concerns related to low-cost filing agencies including Trademark Terminal, Trademark Axis, Trademark Falcon, Trademark Regal, and USPTO Trademarks. They had come under criticism following a swathe of customer…

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