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The dollar was used as a weapon to conduct a coup attempt against Turkey. Loan sharks attacked from abroad, while the opposition struck from within. Beware of native invaders! You will taste defeat again!


Turkey is once more facing a great intervention in the form of an economic attack. The reality that every honorable person will admit is that the situation cannot be explained away with economic data.  

The international brokerage system and its elements within the country launched an open attack against Turkey. As soon as their gains from interest declined, they started to exact revenge on Turkey. They tried to attack it with money, and make it kneel with the economy. They attempted a coup using the dollar as a weapon. 


A slavery system

 They were exploiting our people to the core through interest. This is a tribute system. You produce, you work, and they siphon this gain. You will be doomed to live in debt forever. You will constantly strive to pay off these debts. This is a slavery system on a global scale. 

 The 2008 global economic crisis was generated by this system. It was a crisis of the system that the West used to make nations kneel…

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